Carrier AHUBuilder

Carrier AHUBuilder 6.20

Analyzes and integrates 9-Series Air Handlers
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Select the working mode for any 9-Series Air Handler device with the application accessing the settings of the software components of the device and configuring them according to the desired specification. The program distinguishes between indoor and outdoor setups and supports all sizes.

Carrier’s AHUBuilder® software makes selecting and optimizing the 39M air handler easy. AHUBuilder is for all of the 39-Series Air Handlers, including the Racan 39R indoor and outdoor units, 39M indoor and outdoor, and 39L product lines. Carrier’s AHUBuilder® has:For the 39R product line, new sizes 52, 64, 96 and 120 have been added. For both the new 39R sizes (see item #2) and the existing sizes 72, 85, 95 and 110 the Airway Lengths have changed.

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